John Hancock Tower


John Hancock Observatory & Base Development

 Client: John Hancock Company & U.S. Equities Realty Corp.

Chicago, Illinois


MRA developed a destination attraction program to enhance Chicago’s John Hancock Tower Observatory as an iconic attraction, while redressing its status as the “second tallest” building in the city. The development program also comprised a re-design and re-tenanting at the base of the building’s entry experience on Michigan Avenue.

MRA’s approach was to focus on creating a one-of-a-kind guest engagement by re-defining the nature of the observatory experience. Focusing on the observatory as a place of multi-dimensional access (sight, sound, information, discovery), MRA supervised a team in creating technology-enhanced “mediums” that facilitated customized explorations of buildings, street scenes, neighborhoods and venues across Chicago. Virtual tours from the interior of the Bulls arena to street markets on the south side are explored through interactive “Windows on Chicago”, while “Sound Scopes” (infrared triggered audio-enhanced binoculars) provide audio descriptions of scanned locations.