Maguire Properties – US Bank Building

Maguire Properties – US Bank Building

Media Program and Brand Engagement Strategy:  Los Angeles

Client: Maguire Properties

Los Angeles, California


Maguire Properties engaged MRA to develop a brand enhancement program to reinforce the stature of its U.S. Bank Building as the icon of LA’s downtown revitalization. The tower, which can be seen across the LA basin, is visible to 10 million commuters, office, workers and residents.

MRA directed a team consisting of Sardi Design and Moment Factory in developing an embedded LED lacework fitted into the window mullions of the 67-story building to create a variety of programmable effects, while celebrating the architectural form of the building.

Program concepts included: generative patterns based on live weather data; nightly beacon effects; synchronized light/media patterns; and a variety of media effects designed for special events, sports events and holidays.