LAX Case_Study

MRA International served as project director for the paradigm-changing environmental media program at the $1.9 billion Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, which opened in September 2013.

MRA’s role included advising the Los Angeles World Airport’s Executive Team on an innovative business platform combining advertising, sponsorship and digital media as a new source of non-aviation revenues. The implementation of the program includes the creation of the first sponsorship program at a U.S. airport, and the first fully integrated media platform in a public setting. MRA served as the project director of a multi-disciplinary team assembled to execute the project. Working with environmental media designer, Sardi Design, MRA co-developed seven iconic, architectural scaled media features integrated into the terminal architecture. The program developed by MRA and Sardi also includes over 70 intermediate scale media applications integrated into architectural surfaces and structures.

The team included Sardi Design as Creative Director; Smart Monkeys Inc. of Miami as the Systems Designer and technical consultant; Electrosonic systems Inc. as the Systems Integrator; Moment Factory of Montreal as Executive Content Producer; Digital Kitchen as Brand Content Producer; and Daktronics as the LED manufacturer. Fentress Architects, the designers of the terminal, collaborated on the integration of the media features into building fabric. Each of the seven iconic media features was designed with an identity tied to an aspect of the passenger travel experience from the “Welcome Wall” which greets passengers as they arrive to LAX, to the “Time Tower” which reveals the relationship of time zones around the world. Over 5 hours of programming, consisting of a mix of interactive, generative, narrative and ambient content provides the template for an immersive experience across the various moments of the passenger itinerary, as well as the technical and artistic foundation for future media developers.

The project has received global attention as the most provocative example of a fully integrated, intelligent media environment.